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3. Dolls' Pavillion at Mysore Palace
Dolls' Pavillion

The Gombe Thotti was originally meant to display dolls during the Dasara festivities. It is a tradition in Mysore to worship dolls during Dasara, a tradition which was inherited from the Vijaynagar times. During these festivities, in every house, dolls were tastefully arranged. This tradition continues even today.
During the time of Maharajas, this area was opened to public (during dasara festivities). Today, the bays of the western part of Gombe Thotti houses a collection of various objects of art including European marble sculptures acquired by the royalty. All the objects displayed here are from the Majaraja’s personal collection. Most of the items were acquired in the 1920’s. At the left there is neo-classical marble structure from Europe. At the center is sitting a lavish wooden pavilion decorated in Rajasthani mirror work with Ganesha the elephant-headed god. Ganesha is portrayed playing a veena. This instrument is widely used in local Karnatak music.
The southern and the northern parts of the Gombe Thotti, are separated by a passage leading to Palace courtyard. It has a brass gate consisting of two parts. It is known as Ane Bagilu or Elephant Gate.


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