Amba Vilas Palace

Private Durbar


Amba Vilas Palace

Private Durbar Hall

Place where king and his closet advisers would meet to discuss the affairs of state. Most gorgeously decorated hall, with a harmonious composition in colours. The beauty of many of the details is unsurpassed in the palace. The paint work in the public durbar hall is original but here the accent is predominantly in blue and gold. The ceilings in the corridor surrounding the atrium are carved in teak. On the floor between each cast-iron pillar, which are all hollow is marble inlaid with semi-precious gems in scrolled floral work by the pietra dura craftsmen of Agra. They came to Mysuru to do the work, but quarreled with local workers and left. Local artistans took up the challenge, and completed the work. In this room a glass windows and bas-relief plaster of paris works showing Hanuman receiving a ring from Rama and Buddha with his wife and son.

The Golden Throne or the Simhasana is placed in the octagonal pavilion on the western end of the hall and the descendant of the Mysuru Royal Family holds private ceremonials and sits on it during the Dasara Festivities.