Portrait Gallery

Many valuable paintings & Photographs of the Royal Family are exhibited


Portrait Gallery

Paintings & Photographs of the Royal Family

Many valuable paintings as well as the Photographs of the Royal Family are exhibited in the portrait gallery on the southern part of the Kalyana Mantapa. Wodeyar dynasty paintings and photographs are on display. Portrait of Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth, was a king with great vision and an extraordinarily generous patron of arts. Also the first Wodeyar ruler to live in this palace. Portrait of black and white image of Jayacharamajra Wodeyar’s wedding to a Jaipur princess. The nuptials took place in the Marriage hall with the bountiful wedding feast lavishly laid out on the tables in the foreground. Painting of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV just one year old, sits on pram with his two older sisters. The portrait gallery is proud to exhibit two works of the famous Royal Artist Raja Ravivarma dated in 1885